New Jersey State Contract

The New Jersey Police & Homeland Security Equipment & Supplies Contract covers a wide range of equipment for the public safety and first responder communities of New Jersey. Additionally, the contract is awarded to the New Jersey Purchase Bureau’s cooperative purchasing partners.

Valid in the state of NJ, Contract Expires 4/30/2016, Prices are applicable to change each year, current pricing valid until 4/30/2016

  • Quickly operated by 0-100 Rheostat knob and On/Off toggle
  • GFCI/NEMA 4 Variable Speed Drive
  • Performance 2.0 HP Motor
  • Rugged, Lightweight, Square-Steel Frame with Powder-CoatFinish
  • 8″ Non-Pneumatic Wheels w/ Steel Hubs
  • Turbo 2000 Shroud
  • AirFlex Composition Impeller
  • Flip-Up/Fold-Down Handle
  • Dual “Winning Step”
  • Safety Outlet Grille
  • Information/Safety Bar
  • 5.11 - A81357
  • ATK/Speer - A81295
  • AVON - A81295
  • Baker Batshield - A81295
  • Big Sky Racks - A81295
  • Bell Pro Police - A81295
  • Blackhawk - A81295
  • Blauer HazMat - A81295
  • Bolle - A81295
  • Bushmaster - A81295
  • CTS - A81295
  • EoTech - A81295
  • Garrett - A81295
  • Glock - A81295
  • GH Armor - A81295
  • Hornady - A81295
  • Inova/Emissive Energy - A81295
  • KDH Defense Systems - A81309
  • Lawmen Supply Co - A81295
  • Leupold - A81295
  • Mossberg - A81295
  • Night Vision Optics - A81295
  • Pepperball - A81295
  • Point Blank/Paca - A81351
  • PPE/Paraclete - A81350
  • Pro-gard - A81327
  • Ruger - A81295
  • Sabre - A81315
  • Safe Life Jackets - A81295
  • Simunition - A81295
  • Streamlight - A81329
  • Survival Armor - A81316

Co-Stars PA Contract

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, a service provided by the Department of General Services for Local Public Procurement Units with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Eligible local public procurement units are defined as:

  • Any political subdivision
  • Any public authority
  • Any tax-exempt, nonprofit educational or public health institution or organization
  • Any nonprofit fire, rescue or ambulance company
  • Any other entity, including a council of government or an area government that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services

COSTAR Advantages:

  • Savings for volume purchasing and eliminated need for specification development, advertising, mailing and bid evaluation
  • COSTARS facilitates the purchase of goods and services by simply issuing a purchase order to the state contract supplier of record
  • Broad selection of commodities

Manufacturers on Contract

  • Baker Ballistics
  • Big Sky Racks
  • Blauer Manufacturing
  • DeSantis
  • GH Armor Systems
  • Gould & Goodrich
  • Kimber
  • Lasermax
  • Leatherman Tool Group
  • Meprolight
  • Otis Technology
  • PACA Body Armor
  • Peerless Handcuffs
  • Streamlight
  • SureFire


Law Enforcement GPO is a group purchasing program of NPPGov providing law enforcement agencies access to publicly solicited contracts with national volume pricing from vendors who supply goods and services to the law enforcement market. Contracts are created through a public RFP process by a Lead Public Agency that allows member departments to “piggyback” on the contract, eliminating the need to complete their own RFP process. Law Enforcement GPO staff and legal counsel facilitate this process and provide necessary documentation and support.

Additionally, negotiated contracts are available for below threshold purchases and individual officer discounts are available to employees of the department. Membership is free and there are no purchasing obligations. Membership is available to public agencies and organizations contracted to provide law enforcement and related services including emergency communications.

Benefits of membership:

  • Access to publicly solicited contracts
  • No membership fees or purchasing obligations
  • Live contract support
  • Individual discount program
  • For further information, visit, email, or call 877.329.8847


    • Body Worn Cameras
    • Law Enforcement Equipment
    • EMS & Medical Supplies
    • Exhaust Removal Systems
    • Maintenance, Repairs & Operations
    • GPS Fleet Management
    • Uniforms and Apparel
    • Furniture
    • Radio Communications & Technology
    • Safety Equipment
    • Unmanned Vehicles
    • Utility Vehicles
    • Site Amenities
    • Tires
    • Office Supplies
    • Wireless, Data, and Communications
  • And more…